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How do I sign up for 1-on-1 appointments?

We would love to have you take advantage of all the one-on-one appointments offered by our team of volunteers. Once one-on-one appointment booking is open:

+ log in to
+ click on Gatherings, then Gather in the left navigation
+ click on 1-ON-1 SIGN UP in the top horizontal navigation
+ click on the appointment type you would like to book
+ then the day you would like to schedule your appointment
+ scroll down through the list of available appointments
     appointment times are shown in both Mountain Time and your local time
     (your local time is based on your computer's clock)
+ click Register on the appointment you would like to book
+ confirm your appointment time and add a note to your provider
+ a list of your booked appointments will show up when you click the 1-ON-1 SIGN UP again
+ click on DETAIL for any appointment to be taken to that appointment detail page where you will find the zoom link to connect with the provider at the appropriate time. 

If no appointments show up it means all appointments for that type have been booked. Check back as additional appointments may open up during the week.

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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