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What is a Thrive Retreat?

For Attendees

Thrive retreats are a four day gift to an oasis of refreshment for North American women serving cross-culturally. Our retreats provide a safe place for you to be yourself and share your unique challenges outside of your church and agency. Retreats are hosted at conference centers or hotels to provide an environment for physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal.

Imagine being invited to come as our guest to a resort for 4 days of self care! Couple that with the opportunity to meet 50-100 other women serving in your part of the world. Add in worshiping in English, being encouraged through the teaching of the Word, and relating to new friends in small groups. Then, imagine enjoying your afternoon doing activities that relax and refuel you. Get your hair cut or a pedicure provided by a staff of volunteers that have come to the retreat just to serve you. Round out the day with an evening filled with laughter and time to connect with more new friends.

Updated on: 05/27/2020

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