What is Donate.ly?

It is a peer-to-peer fundraising tool that allows easy individual donations online.

How it works?

Every retreat has a volunteer fundraising campaign goal that is the sum total of each volunteer’s support needs. Each volunteer then becomes a part of the overall goal by fundraising for her individual amount needed. Individuals then support your goal (YOU) by giving to your individual campaign.


Go to https://thriveministry.dntly.com/p#/fundraisers/new Click on the campaign you are volunteering for (example) 2019 Italy, 2019 Ghana, etc. Then click on start a fundraiser.

If you don't have an account fill in your First and Last Name and Email Address.

Title your fundraiser—very important, make sure your name appears first.

Example: Sally Smith-Going to serve in the (Country of Retreat)
Description—Tell your story to your donors here you can be creative and tell the reason why you want to go and serve.

Enter an amount you want to raise.

Chose the retreat (Campaign) you are fundraising for.

Choose File (Upload an image)—Upload your picture.

Click on create a fundraiser.

You are done.  It's that simple.

You will receive an email from Donate.ly verifying that your fundraising page has been created. This email will include a link to put in your letters or to post on social media.

Happy fundraising!
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