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A Thrive retreat is a four-day gift of renewal and refreshment spiritually, emotionally, and physically for North American women serving cross-culturally. Our retreats provide a safe place outside of their church and agency for women to be themselves and share their unique challenges. We host our retreats at conference centers or hotels around the world. Friends and supporters of Thrive typically underwrite the retreats.

Our retreats serve 300-350 women annually. Our July Colorado retreat hosts 50 Global Women. In February, April, and October, our international retreats host 75–100 women. As of 2020, Thrive has served approximately 5,000 retreat attendees at 64 retreats around the world.

Our retreat objective is to provide spiritual refreshment through worship, study of the Word, prayer, self-care, and rest. We facilitate connection in the context of their small group, multi-agency interactions, and time with others who "get their life."

Updated on: 12/10/2020

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