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What is the time commitment? Do I need to attend every session live?

When registering for the 2-day Gathering, you will select one block on the schedule (yellow block or blue block) to participate in. Each block includes four 2-hour workshop-style teaching sessions, one 45-minute worship session, and one 45-minute community time. In total, attendees will experience 9.5 hours of offerings at the 2-day gathering!

Day 1 consists of 2 (two-hour) teaching sessions and one (45-minute) worship session.
Day 2 consists of 2 (two-hour) teaching sessions and one (45-minute) community time session.

While we will be recording each session for those who can't make a session live, we highly encourage that you attend each session live when you can! Attending the sessions live gives you the greatest opportunity to work through the materials in a progressive order, interact with other attendees, ask questions of the speakers, and more. The sessions are designed to build off of one another in order for you to progress through the materials. We would love for you to experience the sessions in the sequence offered in order to get the full experience as intended! But if you need to miss a live session, that's okay!! You will still have an amazing experience and can catch up later by watching the recording(s) of any sessions you have to miss!

Updated on: 12/15/2021

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