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What type of content and structure should I expect at the 2-day Gathering?

Sessions will be workshop-style with teachings from the speakers; exercises for self-discovery and application (including personal assessments, polls, quizzes, pauses for reflection, journaling prompts, and more); and will utilize Zoom's breakout rooms feature so you can meet with other women for smaller group connection, reflection, and discussion on a deep level. Each session will be engaging and interactive, encouraging you to reflect, discover, work through, and apply the teachings to your own life.

We highly encourage that participants attend each session live when possible! Attending the sessions live gives you the greatest opportunity to work through the materials in a progressive order, interact with other attendees, ask questions of the speakers, and more. The sessions are designed to build off of one another in order for you to progress through the materials.

Updated on: 04/19/2021

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