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Who gets waitlisted?

There are a few reasons your application may be waitlisted.
Repeat Attendees: women who have already had the Thrive retreat experience and are applying to attend again, if it has been less than 5 years since you've joined us. Because we are fully donor supported, it is Thrive’s primary focus to allow space for all who desire to attend at least once. If 2-3 months prior to the retreat, we find that there is still space available we will invite recent repeat attendees to join us in the order in which they were placed on the waitlist.

Attendees who apply after all available spots are filled: there are often unforeseen reasons that will cause a small percentage of attendees to cancel prior to the retreat. We accept applications for the waitlist and will offer a spot to the next person on the list as one becomes available. We have no way of knowing when/if additional spots will open up but encourage those interested to sign up on the waitlist for a chance to attend. We will finalize the guest list one month prior to the retreat but up until that time, any spot opened due to a cancelation will be offered to the next person on the waitlist, at the time it becomes available.

When will I know for sure if I can come or not?
We will notify everyone on the waitlist via email when the retreat is officially closed and the chance of coming off the waitlist is no longer available (generally 1-2 months prior to the retreat—depending on the hotel/location). At this time, we will also make waitlisted applicants aware of any current open retreat locations and any upcoming opportunities to join us. Waitlisted applicants may also be offered an exclusive first opportunity to apply to newly opened retreat.

Updated on: 12/10/2020

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