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Why should I submit church referrals?

We would like to contact your key supporting church(es) to to let them know about your upcoming retreat experience as well as introduce them to Thrive and the resources we provide to support and encourage cross-cultural workers.

In addition, we ask that they pray for you as you attend the retreat and invite them to financially partner with us. In order to provide this time of refreshment for you, we are continually seeking full funding for each attendee, as we trust in His provision. Our experience shows that local churches are often looking for unique ways to provide practical love and support to you. You can rest assured we will honor your financial relationship with them and they are under no obligation.

If you prefer to have a stateside family member or friend fill out this information for you, please copy and paste this website's url link to them and have them click on the Church Referral Section to complete the form. Supporting church information is greatly appreciated, but not required.

Updated on: 12/10/2020

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