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What is the 2-day Gathering schedule?

To accommodate different time zones, our 2-day gathering schedule offers two different block options, with the same sessions offered in each block. You will choose one block to participate in.

Each block includes four 2-hour workshop-style teaching sessions, one 45-minute worship session, and one 45-minute community time. In total, attendees will experience 9.5 hours of offerings at the 2-day gathering!

Day 1 consists of 2 (two-hour) teaching sessions and one (45-minute) worship session.
Day 2 consists of 2 (two-hour) teaching sessions and one (45-minute) community time session.


Yellow block:
6am - 12pm MST on Day 1
6am - 12pm MST on Day 2

Blue block:
6pm - 12am MST on Day 1
6pm - 12am MST on Day 2


During registration, you will select the block you want to attend. Once your registration is complete, the schedule on your registration page will only display the sessions in your block selection and you will have access to only the sessions in that block

Updated on: 12/15/2021

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